NEKTON has specialized in design, building and reconstruction of:
  1. Water and sewage systems and plumbing
  2. High-rise construction – residential and industrial buildings
  3. Waste water and drinking water treatment plants
  4. Hydro technical construction
  5. Construction and repair of crane tracks, port facilities, installation and repair of railway tracks.
  6. Trading with construction materials
  7. Design
1. Water Supply and Sewage Systems (W&S)
 A special division of the Company is specialized in water and sewage systems infrastructure C&A works and repair. Over the past ten years NEKTON has been recognized as the leader among the largest privately held companies specializing in W&S systems in Varna.
  • Water lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Pure water pump stations
  • Sewer pump stations
  • Water and Sewage systems and plumbing

2. High-rise Construction – Residential and Industrial Buildings
NEKTON has been coon constructing residential buildings since 1993. By 2011 the Company has built and commissioned 10 apartment houses accommodating over 245 apartments, offices, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, garages and underground parking lots.
The Company has also built 10 luxury single family houses in Varna and in Balchik

3. Water Treatment Plants
NEKTON is a company recognized for its extensive experience in solving water-related issues over the years and has set water treatment as one of its priorities. Quality and reliability of performance is what makes the difference. Our policy is focused on the satisfaction of customer’s needs and requirements; we aim at environmental protection and provision of safe and healthy labour conditions for our workers.