Executive director Nekton Ltd.2
Engineer Penko Stefanov Stoyanov

Was born on March 27th, 1959 in Sofia.

He graduated"Navigation” in Varna, programmer and diver, 17 yearsdirector of company"Nekton".

 He graduated General in TheJoint Staff in St.-Petersburg 1989-1991 (the full academic rate, has finished with a gold medal).
Memberof the Bulgarian Buildings and Constructions Chamber and ARMED FORCES COMMUNICATIONNS and ELECTRONICS - the international association of experts in the field of communications, electronics, investigations and information systems.
From 1992 till nowhe is the manager of the building company “Nekton”.


Financial director Nekton Ltd.2

Albena Bogomilova Stoyanova

She was born on April 24th, 1959 in Varna. 
She graduated the Mathematical high school "Peter Beron" and The University of Economy in Varna.

She has been working 10 years as the professor at The University of Economy in Varna. She worked twenty years as a chief accountant and later she became the financial director of company “Nekton”.


Director on manufacture Nekton Ltd.2

Engineer Angel Dimitrov Dimitov

He was born on October 15th, 1959. 
Has ended Technical school of construction „ Kolio Fitcheto ” in Burgas in 1978, and in 1983 – “Liuben Karavelov” in Sofia with an area of expertise in the field of civil construction in construction industrial, public and residential buildings.

He is in the industry of construction for 30 years now. He works in „Nekton” since 1998. From 1998 up to 2007 he is heat engineer and since 2007 – director of manufacture of Nekton Ltd.2