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o Sediment filters
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Main Filters
FHPR12, FHPR34, FHPR1 Filter Columns

    The FHPR filter columns have a standard 10" transparent body made of polyethylene with blue head and an air-release valve. The filters can be installed directly on the water pipe after the water meter or before expensive equipments such as washing machines, freezers, dish-washing machines, hot-water boilers and etc.

These series of filter columns have three types of coupling sizes - 1/2"(FHPR12), 3/4" (FHPR34) and 1" (FHPR1)
Code Screw thread size Height diameter (cm) Screw thread material Colour of the head Valve Colour of the body
FHPR12 1/2'' 31.5 x 11.5 Bras M058 Blue Yes transparent
FHPR34 3/4'' 31.5 x 11.5 Bras M058 Blue Yes transparent
FHPR 1 1'' 31.5 x 11.5 Bras M058 Blue Yes transparent
Code Material of the head Sealing Material of the body Maximum operating pressure (bars) Operating temperature (°C)



EPDM-EP722B Styrol-Acrylnitril 8.6 2-52



EPDM-EP722B Styrol-Acrylnitril 8.6 2-52



EPDM-EP722B Styrol-Acrylnitril 8.6 2-52

FHPR5 – Filter Column 
The most compact columns designated for installation at the entrance of the apartment, under the sink or just before a certain appliance. The filters may be supplied with a mechanical filter and activated carbon filter.
   Filter column with air-release valve
    Coupling sizes 3/4
    Height 5”

FHBP – Filter Column
The FHBP filter column has a transparent body and a head with three-position valve (bypass). The filter can be replaced without stopping the water supply. Coupling size - 3/4";

FHPR-3 - Filter Column
    The three-element filter column Aquafilter® FHPR–3 consists of a transparent body, stiffening ring and head with a 1/2 ‘‘ or 3/4’’screw thread.
    The structure design ensures complete impermeability of the system and allows quick filter replacement. An air-release valve is located in the column head.
   The transparent body allows visual control of the degree of pollution of the filter. The models of the FHPR-3V series are equipped with a drainage valve which helps for quick and easy cleaning of the filter. Mesh-type filters are used. The models of the FHPR-3 series can be installed both individually and in a combination with other filter columns. The FHPR-3 bodies are used for the entire range of 10” Aquafilter filters for cold water.

FHPR-L - SLIM - Filter Column 20"
    FHPR- L Slim is a filter column with a transparent body and a height of 20", black head and air-release valve and 3/4” screw thread for coupling. Different filters are possible to be used, such as 20” or 10" filters coupled with filter cartridge connector CC25.
    FHPR-L – blue body;
    FHPRC-L – transparent body;

FHBC – High Capacity Filter Columns

    The Big Blue filter columns are highly efficient and designated for household and industrial purposes.
    They are offered with blue body – series FH10B and FH20B and also with transparent body – series FHBC10B and FHBC20B. The “Big Blue®” filter columns are designated to operate with a wide range of sediments, carbon and specialized filters. Two 10" filters can be installed in the body of the 20" filters coupled with filter cartridge connector CC45.
   Filter column Big Blue® 10” – transparent body FHBC10B1 - screw thread 1"
   Filter column Big Blue® 20” – transparent body FHBC20B1 - screw thread 1"
   Filter column Big Blue® 20” – blue body.
    FH20B1 - screw thread 1"
    FH20B54 - screw thread 1 1/4"
    FH20B64 - screw thread 1 1/2"

Main Filters for Hot Water
FHHOT Filter Column for hot water

The FHHOT filter columns are designated for hot water filtering. Their body is resistant to the high temperatures impact (up to 93oC), pressure (13.8 bar), and many chemical compounds. They have a standard bras 3/4’’ screw thread and air-release valve.
  The body is made of polyethylene reinforced with glass textolite.
  The filter column is widely used for heating systems, boilers, hot water containers, photo-laboratories, sterilizers for medical equipment.
   The material of the body is sunlight proof, which prevents the occurrence of photosynthesis process in the cartridge.
   The sealing is made of high quality silicon 241, which seals effectively the head and the cartridge.
The filter column is resistant to a number of chemical compounds such as organic solvents, alcohol, gasoline, oily substances and sea water.

    Technical parameters:
        Operating temperature: 2oC - 93oC;
        Dimensions (mm): 317 x 136;
        Weight: 1.8 kg;
        Diameter of the bras screw thread coupling: 3/4"
        Maximum operating pressure: 8.6 bars
        Output capacity (depending on the type of the cartridge) – up to 1800 l/h

F10SS1FS – Stainless Steal Filter Columns
    The F10SS1FS filter columns are manufactured from stainless steel and are resistant to high temperatures.
    Two modifications are offered:
    F10SS1FS – without drainage valve;
    F10SS1FS-V – with drainage valve
   The filter columns are equipped with a wrench (FXWRSS) and a stand (FXBR1-SS).
    F10SS1FS - screw thread 1"

Sediment Filters
    Sediment filters for multiple usages manufactured from high quality nickel plated brass, resistant to high pressure and temperature. The filters are equipped with pressure manometer and drainage valve. The filtering element effectively removes sand, rust and other mechanical impurities. It consists of 80/100 micron mesh made of stainless steel and is water drained. The coupling screw thread sizes of the filters for coupling with the water supply pipe network are 1/2", 3/4" and 1".
    When pressure drops by 0.5 atmospheres, the filtering element should be drained. The filters are highly resistant to chemical impacts and when used as preliminary filters, the latter can protect the household appliances and heating systems from damage. Proper operation of the filter requires the filter to be drained at least once a month.

Technical parameters    :
        Operating temperature: 2oC - 100oC;
        Output capacity: up to 1.2 m3/h;
        Pressure reduction by 0.2 bars at a maximum water consumption of 1.2 m3/h;
        Dimensions: Click on the relevant diagram below for a detailed drawing with dimensions;
        Input and Output: 1/2" or 3/4", or 1"; internal screw thread BSP;
        Maximum operating pressure: 16 atm.;
        Nominal pressure: 8 atm.;
       Material of the body: high quality nickel plated brass
        Manometer: 0-16 atm.; 0-240 psi;
        Pore size of the cartridge: 100 microns;
        Mechanical particles filtering: 83%

Sediment filters with increased output
ASAQ6, ASAQ14, ASAQ25, ASAQ60 filter columns with increased output made of stainless steel
Sediment filters with an output of up to 60 m3/hас. They contain mechanical type of filters with filtration range of 5, 10 or 24 microns. The filter columns of the ASAQ series have no air-release valve because the output aperture is located at the highest point of the column. Such filters are applicable for mechanical impurities and thus they protect household appliances and heating systems from damages. They are widely used in industrial laundries, hospitals, food and diary factories, pharmaceutical industry, the electronic industry and etc.

    Technical parameters:
        Operating temperature: 2oC - 120oC;
        Cartridge resource: 3 - 6 months;
        Pressure decrease: 6 - 12 psi;

    PARAMETER                                        ASAQ6         ASAQ14         ASAQ24       ASAQ60
    Number of filters                                          5                       5                   10                  24
    Filters length                                                10 "                  30 "                30 "               40"
    Nominal water consumption                       3.5 m3             8 m3               15 m3             33 m3
    Maximum water consumption                     9 m3              21 m3             36 m3              82 m3
    Filter resource                                              72 m3            400 m3           800 m3             2400 m3
    Operating pressure                                     1 - 10 bars       1 - 10 bars      1 - 10 bars         1 - 10 bars
    Input aperture diameter                               1 "                    1 1/2 "                  2 "                3 "
    Column volume                                          13 dm3            29 dm3            53 dm3            150 dm3
    Column height                                            500 mm           750 mm           750 mm            1800 mm
    Column diameter                                        200 mm           200 mm           300 mm           600 mm

    Explanations to the table:
    Types of filters:
    - filters made of polypropylene fibbers FCPS,
    - filters for hot water FCHOT;
    Measuring units:
    1" = 2,54 cm;
    15 psi = 1 atm.