The filters of this series contain special fine-grained activated carbon manufactured from the bark of a coconut tree with increased absorbing capacity. The filters remove effectively complex chlorine containing chemical compounds, improve the water taste and fragrance and remove also the organic compounds, pesticides and other chemical compounds.

The filters are mostly installed before the other filtering systems and used for protecting the household appliances, the industrial systems and the heating systems.
The filters of the series AS-C-15M, 25M and 25А contain the KDF55 element, which consists of an alloy of copper and zinc and which has:
A bacteriostatic action – KDF55 produces a uniform electrical field where bacteria can not reproduce;
A bactericidal action – the copper reacts with one of the ferments necessary for the reproduction process as result of which bacteria die.
Thanks to KDF 55 a number of oxidizing reactions occur, which reduce the concentration of chemical elements such as iron, lead, cadmium, arsenic and etc.
The filter is suitable for water purification from chlorine and hydrogen sulphide.