Water supply and sewage systems (w&s)


A special division of the Company is specialized in water and sewage systems infrastructure C&A works and repair. Over the past ten years "Nekton" has been recognized as the leader among the largest privately held companies specializing in W&S systems in Varna.

Here are some of the projects implemented over the last decade:
-  Overall replacement of the water and sewer lines in the Golden Sands Resort in the period of 2003 – 2006. About 25 km of pipes were replaced, 4 large sewer pump stations repaired and a drinking water treatment station renovated.
-  W & S systems in the newly built residential areas in Nessebar and plumbing in several hotels at Obzor during 2005 – 2006.
-  Water-supply system in the Borovets area, the Galata quarter;
-  W & S piping network in 9 large hotel complexes.
-  Sewer network construction at the Maksuda area, Varna
-  Water supply lines rehabilitation – Varna West Port.
-  Construction of 5,200 m-long rain and household water sewer system in the central area of the town of Shabla;
-  Construction of the entire water and sewer system made of 14,000 m long water lines, rain and household water sewer pipes and an irrigation system, 3 sewer pump stations, one WWTP (temporary and mobile) for 80 equivalent residents (ER) and another WWTP for 2,000 ER of the BalckSeaRama Golf Resort; a drinking water reservoir equipped with a hydrophore pump station.
-  Fortification of a section in the Kitka - Varna bypass pipeline servicing the Kaufland 3 Project, Varna;
-  Reconstruction of a section in the Kitka - Varna bypass pipeline; the concrete pipe was replaced by a 1400 mm diameter HDPE pipe near the village of Bozveliysko;
-  Relocation of the Haramiyski 315 mm dia HDPE main water pipeline at the Jumbo project, Varna;
-  Reconstruction of external water pipeline, 160mm dia HDPE at the Devnya Cement Plant;
-  A reservoir equipped with a fire-fighting pumping station and a 2500 m long main water pipeline servicing Varna Airport;
- A reservoir equipped with a fire-fighting pumping station servicing Bourgas Airport.