ISO 9001:2015

Nekton’s management is guided by the following EMP principles: “We are seeking to constantly improve and enhance the ecologically expedient culture and attitude of the Company, its employees, partners and suppliers in order to prevent environmental pollution; strict observance of environmental laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.”

The Company’s environmental management policy and environment-related operations are performed in compliance with all active statutory documents and further requirements related to our business operations.

The strategic goals that will ensure the implementing of the Company’s EMP are:
-    Construction and trading activities monitoring and control in order to optimize utilization of resources;
-    Waste management and reduction;
-    Harmful emissions monitoring and reduction in air, water and soil;
-    Maintaining technical equipment and teams in good working order to ensure prevention or adequate response to emergencies and accidents;
-    Active participation of company employees and officers in accomplishing such environmental goals.