The Management of "Nekton" has accepted and implemented an occupational safety and health policy favoring all its employees by addressing and seeking to meet their needs on an ongoing basis.
Our major objective in managing occupational safety and health is to prevent injuries and illnesses.
While conducting its operations and implementing its occupational safety policy Nekton is strictly observing all active requirements set out in the national laws.

In furtherance of such policy the Management of "Nekton-2 OOD" sets its strategic goals as follows:
-   Ensuring adequate personnel training in order to guarantee the successful implementation of the safety and health at work policy;
-   Taking all actions as planned to make sure that all proper resources needed for ensuring safety and health at work are in place;
-   Efficient identification of occupational hazards and subsequent analysis;
-   Company officers and employees successful involvement in accomplishing the safety and health at work policy;   
-   Introduction of safe and healthy technologies at work.